One day, I took my 325 pound couch potato self to Disneyland for a vacation. It was around Christmas time in 2009 and I wanted to show the family a good time. Then, the unthinkable happened. My world came crashing down as I was kicked off of a ride in front of everyone because I was too big to fit in the seat. It was humiliating, embarrassing and unexpected. But, it changed my life.

I realized that my life needed to change. I also realized that I have missed out on so much in my own life because I never took control of my health. I missed out on serving in the military because I was too big, I missed becoming a police officer because I was too out of shape, and I missed achieving some of the dreams in my life.

Not any more. I threw away the fear of failure and dared to do something impossible. In one year, I lost over 100 pounds and did something that I never thought I could do – I ran a marathon. I achieved the impossible and it was the most amazing thing ever.

The next year, I traveled the country, seeing new cities 26.2 miles at a time on a marathon tour, all while training for the impossible - the title of IRONMAN!

On June 24, 2012, I crossed the Ironman finish line in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, listening to Mike Reilly announce me as an Ironman, after a long day and 140.6 miles.

I am continuing on my journey, getting through the ups and downs of maintaining a new, fit lifestyle. Life is good, and I want to live it to the fullest.

This blog celebrates our ability to achieve things that seem impossible.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting back to the right road

Well, after the busy weekend I gained 4 pounds.  I knew that the scale would go up because I really didn't try at all to stay eating healthy this weekend, but it is frustrating none the less to see those numbers.  I really went off the reservation this weekend in a number of ways and I feel it today. 

I feel miserable today, so miserable that I am contemplating just staying home in bed.  Thanks to all the food I have been eating and the 7 hours of driving yesterday thanks to holiday traffic, my body is telling me I really abused it and is making my pay for that abuse.  It is really hard to get back on track after a weekend like this.  I have had these weekends before when I tried to get in shape and several of them were the catalyst of my failure in those attempts.  I would go off the reservation and, feeling miserable, just neglect and ignore all the positive changes I have made along the way.  That is not going to happen this time.

I'm taking the advice my dad always gives me.  When you make a wrong turn along your route, don't just keep blindly going down the wrong road, backtrack a little and get back on the right road.


  1. Hi Travis!

    Hey, you're human. You've made a phenomenal change in your life, but you're not going to be perfect.

    This has happened to me in my past attempts as well and I always just threw in the towel and gave up, choosing to flop on the couch with a bag of chips and vowing to start over on MONDAY. took several Mondays before I would think about it and I just punished myself by eating crap the entire time.

    Enough is enough! Your Dad gives great advice. Get right back on the road, dude. Don't make me call AAA to come tow your ass out of the ditch. Get up...keep moving...go back to healthy food. If you do, you'll feel like your old self in no time at all. If you don't, you'll just keep feeling horrible...and you know that's not what you want.

    Happy to see you taking your Dad's advice. Go go go!!! :-)

  2. Don't beat yourself up too much, Travis. You ran 10 miles on Saturday... I doubt many people can claim that. I don't know what you ate, and frankly that doesn't really matter--it isn't the point. You're never going to be perfect. There will always be someone who eats better and who is in better shape or can run faster and/or farther. The fact is that you ARE continuing along your amazing journey and that you know what you need to do and (even better) you WANT to go back to doing what's healthy. You HAVE changed already, your body still reflects your past, but you ARE leaner than when you started and fitter than when you started. It was Labor Day weekend. It's ok to splurge--to a point. But I agree with you, that one should never cross a certain point. There is too much of a good thing... But eve if you did binge, you can and will recover. Keep up the great work--you are inspiring me and a lot of others!!!!