One day, I took my 325 pound couch potato self to Disneyland for a vacation. It was around Christmas time in 2009 and I wanted to show the family a good time. Then, the unthinkable happened. My world came crashing down as I was kicked off of a ride in front of everyone because I was too big to fit in the seat. It was humiliating, embarrassing and unexpected. But, it changed my life.

I realized that my life needed to change. I also realized that I have missed out on so much in my own life because I never took control of my health. I missed out on serving in the military because I was too big, I missed becoming a police officer because I was too out of shape, and I missed achieving some of the dreams in my life.

Not any more. I threw away the fear of failure and dared to do something impossible. In one year, I lost over 100 pounds and did something that I never thought I could do – I ran a marathon. I achieved the impossible and it was the most amazing thing ever.

The next year, I traveled the country, seeing new cities 26.2 miles at a time on a marathon tour, all while training for the impossible - the title of IRONMAN!

On June 24, 2012, I crossed the Ironman finish line in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, listening to Mike Reilly announce me as an Ironman, after a long day and 140.6 miles.

I am continuing on my journey, getting through the ups and downs of maintaining a new, fit lifestyle. Life is good, and I want to live it to the fullest.

This blog celebrates our ability to achieve things that seem impossible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Only 8 miles to go, looking back on where I came from

Yesterday's strength training went well. So far, things seem to be going well in preparation for Sunday's race. Only 5 days left and 8 miles of running to go! I have a short cross training scheduled for today, two 4 mile runs on Wednesday and Thursday morning, and light strength training on Friday.

Overall I feel great. Looking back on all I have done to get to this point, I am amazed that I was able to get here. My runs feel like I am flying and even in high school I could not have run as fast or as long as I am running now. I am in the best shape of my life and it shows. I still have a long way to go on my fitness journey, but I have already come a long way.

When I hit about 245 I started buying some new clothed because I had to. Now, those clothes are starting to not fit right. When I started this journey I wore a lot bigger clothes. Here is a little list about what I used to wear and what I wear now:

Clothes----------Old Size----------Current Size
suit coat---------58------------------44
dress shirt------19 x 34/35------16 1/2 x 34/35
pants-------------50 x 30-----------36 x 32

It's quite a difference when you look at the numbers. 14 inches off the waist, 2 1/2 inches off the neck, and going from buying "big & tall" clothes to now buying things of the rack in regular stores


  1. No comment about the no night cardio from the last post.. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you, you have worked so hard and it has paid off! Also, you have brought out my competitive spirit and inspired me; I am going to the gym!
    Love you

  2. That's amazing, Travis. Absolutely amazing. I can't even run as fast as you are, at least for that long, but I recall the sensation you're describing of "flying" as I started my first weight loss program by walking and built up to running and got into excellent shape. I recall very much that sensation of running faster than I ever have before. I had gained the weight back, at least a majority of it, a year or two ago but have lost all but 5-10 pounds and am again in excellent shape and am really enjoying it. It just takes getting up and DOING it--period. Like you have done--you've shown tremendous determination and perserverance over the last year and you literally have changed your life. Your body is gradually catching up to that fact, but we are what we DO--our actions define us. Even when we feel weak, we can take strong actions if we choose to and we can get back up and keep going and, if we do that, we ARE strong because we took strong actions--we perservered. I hope you really enjoy the event Sunday. Enjoy this week--it's a step back and "easy" week, although you'll still be running farther and faster than most of us! Execute YOUR plan on Sunday--stick to your pace, etc. stay relaxed and try to enjoy yourself during the event and you can't fail. I think you'll surprise yourself how well you do. I can't wait until Sunday myself! You're truly an inspiration.

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  4. Just an FYI - I have several family members who read this blog. Lets keep it PG.

  5. I totally missed the late night cardio reference; too funny. I thought Traveler was talking about going for a run the night before; I thought he was talking crazy. Nope, I'm just naive... BTW, diet and exercise helps that too...

  6. Traveler - you didn't have to remove your post! It wasn't inapropriate at all.

  7. Yeah, but this is a spot for you and your journey. I can easily save the juvenile innuendo for my spot. Good luck in SJ.

  8. Well, my wife got a kick out of your comment anyways!